How to Promote an Internet Marketing Course With Article Writing

Article marketing is a great way to promote an Internet marketing course. You can easily demonstrate the effectiveness of your course with great content. Here is what you can include in your writing to improve sales (the last tip works like crazy).

Tip 1: Give away a few of your strongest tips. – How do you convince potential customers that your course works? It’s not good enough to claim that it works very well. So give away a few of your best tips. From the information you are giving away, readers can assess whether you really have quality solutions to offer. Then in the author box, invite readers to visit your website for more advanced materials (hint: your course).

Tip 2: You are the expert, and you know what works. – Establish yourself as an indisputable Internet expert. That doesn’t mean you have to be labeled as a guru. As long as you can provide Internet marketing advice that really works, that is good enough. You can also associate yourself with other experts. Their names will boost your credibility on the Internet.

Tip 3: Use different IM (Internet marketing) related keywords in the article title. – When writing articles, don’t keep using the same keywords over and over again. Some marketers believe that the IM niche is too highly competitive. They think that because of the stiff competition, their articles will not rank well in the search engines. This is not true. When you use long tail keywords in your articles, your content can still rank well. And the visitors are highly targeted. Use as many different keywords (IM related) in your titles and your web businesses will do very well.

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