5 Killer Tips on How to Make Insane Money on the Internet

Yeah, I know. You have read article upon article about how to make money on the Internet. Most have the same old tired advice. The Internet is constantly changing and as an Internet marketer, you have to change as well. This article is designed to give you a few “action steps” to get you started.

Before we discuss those steps, let’s go over some “success” ideas that will help you get to the point where you can make money on the Internet. Most of these are common sense but it always helps to reiterate these concepts.

The first is that everything happens for a purpose and a reason. Think about this. What has brought you to the point that you are reading this article about making money on the Internet? Perhaps you have tried to make money on the Internet but have found it allusive. You are still searching and hoping to stumble upon a way to find real success. Whatever the reason, understand that you are where you are on purpose. Seize the moment.

Secondly, realize that it is not necessary to be able to understand everything to be able to use everything. The Internet offers unparalleled access to many new and exciting concepts. Embrace the Internet and all that it offers.

Finally, understand that there is no abiding success without commitment. This is true of almost any endeavor, but is exceedingly important with Internet marketing. Once you have found a program or training course to follow, make a commitment to follow it till you are making money on the Internet.

That begs the questions “How do I find a program to follow and how will I know that it works?” Both are good questions as there are so many lies, half-truths and misinformation out there that you never know who to believe. That is why this article discusses 5 tips to help you reach your goal of making insane money on the Internet.

Tip 1 – The most important thing for a new Internet marketer to do is to find a program or training course that will guide you step by step, showing you exactly what to do next in your endeavor to make money on the Internet. This will allow you to focus your efforts more productively.

Tip 2 – Decide on a budget. There are many programs out there that cost a great deal of money to get started. If that is an issue, look for programs that cost little or nothing to get going and have the same ability to generate income in a few short days, a little a first and then more as you ramp up your efforts.

Tip 3 – Make sure that the program you get offers a money back guarantee. The very best of these guarantees are unconditional. That way if you get into the program and you cannot make it work (for what ever reason), you can simply ask for your money back.

Tip 4 – Treat Internet Marketing as a business. Once you start making money on the Internet, put some your profits back into your business.

Tip 5 – Find courses or programs that show you how to run campaigns on autopilot. You do the work one time and then set it and forget it. The efforts you put in once will be there to generate income for years to come.

Are there programs out there that do all of the things mentioned above? You bet. Take a look at the free video located at the link in the bio area.

Ron Lewis constantly searches the web for products and services that help the new or struggling Internet marketers become profitable. Most of the products or services that are discussed in his articles are designed to require little, if any start up money, allowing almost anyone to begin an online business with very little “out of pocket” money. Ron also publishes a blog and comments regularly on tips and secrets of Internet marketing.

3 Tips on How to Make Money on the Internet Without Spending a Dime

While many thinks that it takes money to make money, I will show you several tips on how to make money on the internet without a single dime! Many internet millionaires are created this way and I’m going to show you their secrets.

How to make money on the internet tip #1 – Have you heard of bum marketing? You simply write an article, sit and wait just like a bum and you can expect money to start flowing in just like that. Once you have written, it will stay online for many months and even years. You don’t need perfect English to write an article, just plain simple English will do. It doesn’t need to be long, just 300 to 500 words are good enough. However, there is some basic technique you need to know, so that your article will land on the 1st page of Google search engine in just a few days instead of getting indexed in a few months!

How to make money on the internet tip #2 – So you are a good writer and you love to write. Ideas just flow to your brain and you can write just about anything under the sun. Good news for you, there are thousands of people on the internet looking to outsource the writing of their articles, and these people are willing to pay anywhere from $5-$15+ per article to have you do it for them. Imagine that you are paid $10 per 300-500 words article and you could finish such article in 10 minutes, you will be easily making $60 an hour at the comfort of your home and at the same time enjoying it!

How to make money on the internet tip #3 – If you have been visiting forums very often and not making some money out of it, you are losing big. There is “cash lying on the table” in virtually any forums you can find on the internet and there are already many Internet marketers fully leveraging the potential to earn thousands online. There are many forums out there ranging from topics such as dieting to electronics to model airplanes and making money. The secret about forums is that people are looking for answers or solutions to their problems. There is great opportunity to take advantage of this by offering something that will help people solve these problems. All you need to do is promote relevant products through your signature in forums. Provide ‘valuable’ content to the forum and become a regular contributor.

How to Make Money on WordPress

You’ll be surprised to note that many people have started using distinct internet resources to make money with just a click of a button. If you’re smart enough, then you will know how to make money on WordPress. If you’re familiar with WordPress, then you can easily publish a blog of your own. Plug-ins on WordPress will be the features that can be added to the blog for enhancing user interface. Making money using plug-ins ensures that your blog is a spam-free zone. Thousands of plug-ins are available on WordPress and allows consumers to earn a passive income based on efficiency and demand of the plug-in.

Developing WordPress themes is essentially another subject of consideration that stimulates economical growth. Are you a web developer? If you are, then you know what kind of audience is being targeted for designing an amazing theme. Plenty of commercial organizations introduce specialists to create high quality themes. If you are one of them, then perhaps you’d like a web development consultancy service? If you’re good at using WordPress, you can officially give consultancy regarding ideal themes and logos for the site. By connecting with influential bloggers on the net, you can attract a chain of users easily.

If you’re lacking WordPress skills then setting up blogs for other clients can prove to be an affordable revenue. Blog setup service is a job opening that beginners generally undertake that can also be set up for free. Content writing is just another sector that offers tons of returns over your investment. All you need is a data connection which provides you with content writing services where brands like Elance, oDesk and Problogger are leading sources for recipients. Starting your own blog is about creating dedicated services page, provide SEO and ensure internet marketing. Monetizing a WordPress site is the best means of advertising that encompasses ways of a growing demographic zone.

Making money through pay per click’ programs introduces you to Google AdSense where capable advertisements are displayed on the first page of the search engine. Affiliate marketing, proven to be a highly beneficial service, ensures traffic can be redirected. Selling links is one of the most profitable platforms where many websites will do anything by hearing SEO experts. While making a product, the manufacturing and advertising aspects lie in your hands. You can choose how to make money on WordPress. The software is an ideal choice for creating content, installing web based amenities in the blog and much more.


Free Calls Over the Internet

We constantly hear about people talking to each other over the internet. We often see an advertisement offering free calls, saying that all you need is an internet connection.

Is it a myth that we can make free calls to a telephone number from a computer? Do we need an internet phone line to place a call? Is it possible to call to destinations anywhere in the world, for free? Or, do you need a special internet phone? Are the calls really free? What if the person I want to phone does not have internet? How can there be free calls for mobile phones when mobile telephony is known to be expensive?

If you have that kind of questions in your mind, this article is for you, since it throws some light on basic ideas that you can use to dig on and make free calls thanks to the internet.

Free calls? How free is “free”?

Yes, you can make free calls over the internet. Free, as in not paying a cent. There are some costs though: the connection to the internet (you need access to the internet at least at one end of the call) and in some cases you will have to see advertisements.

Chat programs that allow you to make free calls

Most of the programs that people use to chat for free will allow you to talk, too. You will not be charged for talking, in the same way that you are not charged for chatting. If that is your case, all you need to do is to find how (and if) the program you are using to chat with your buddies will let you engage into voice chat as well.

Free internet calls to and from mobile phones

The newest mobile phones (called smart phones) also work like a small computer, and can be connected to the internet. To make free calls from such a mobile phone, all you need is to find the right program that will suit your mobile phone and the provider you want to use.

Fee calls offered by specialized companies

There is a small group of companies out there that have become famous for offering free calls to other subscribers. You can take advantage of that promotion by subscribing yourself, especially if the people you want to talk are using the same company.

Internet telephony for consumers

There is a standard technology that is more available than you think. That technology is called SIP, and all you need to do is to subscribe to a free service and download a free program. You can talk for free with anyone that has subscribed to the same company and, after some learning, you can also talk for free with people that use networks of other providers. Some of these providers offer free calls to telephone lines in many parts of the world for free, because they are promoting their service. Others offer a free internet telephone service if you see or listen to advertisements. In many cases, the free calls are short (for instance, you can be allowed to talk for only four minutes, but you can make as many four minute long calls as you want, for free). Other companies are offering free telephone numbers so that they can call you to your computer from a telephone, but they will only offer a telephone line for incoming calls in remote areas.

Back to the basics: how to make your free calls when everything fails

My grandfather used to say, “When the going gets tough, the tough get tougher”. Sometimes you just can’t find a service that works for a particular (for example, because you can hear well, or you get constantly disconnected). In such a scenario, you can resort to your craftsmanship and do it yourself, providing there is an internet access on both ends of the call. There are several programs that will allow you to make calls over the internet from one computer to another, without using the services of any company at all. I will give names here, because they are free, non-commercial applications: Tinytalk, Loudtalks Lite, Speak Freely and Freewebfone are good examples. In order to make those programs connect between two computers, you will need to know how to find out the IP address of the computer you want to talk to, and you might have a little fight with the firewall of both computers. Also, the authors of those programs will usually publish instructions on how to do so. With some effort, you will then be able to talk to places that are not covered by the specialized companies.

When things get too difficult or simply impossible

There are certain countries in the Middle East that will not let you use the internet to make calls or, at the very least, will make it very hard for you. In such cases, you might try special services like a proxy or VPN, which some companies offer precisely to overcome such difficulties. Then again, if the country you are trying to reach has totally and absolutely banned internet calls, you are out of luck: nothing will work.

This article has given you a quick glance at the different possibilities for making free calls around the world. It must be kept in mind that free is a catchy word that must be taken with a pinch of salt.It all depends on your particular needs, on what (if any) access to the internet is available, and what programs are being used by the people you want to talk to. Last, but not at all the least, whether you can make those free calls depends, in great part, on YOU.

How You Can Make Money With The Internet

The Internet is undoubtedly an important tool in today’s digital age. With the creation of laptops, smartphones and tablets, almost anyone can stay connected anywhere in the world. You can read the latest news, play the newest games, meet new friends and watch movies and listen to music with the availability of the Internet. The online world also opens the doors for businesses and employers to reach a global market. Making money with the Internet is another important function of this phenomenal tool.

You can make money with the Internet through many ways. Firstly, you can choose to run your own virtual business; this will likely mean creating your own website and your very own virtual boutique or store. Many people choose to start online businesses due to the large market. Instead of just selling to people in the neighborhood, you can sell to the entire world with the help of the Internet, meaning that people from the other edge of the globe will be able to buy your products. And with a variety of online payment and shipping companies, you can be sure that you receive your payment and your goods arrive in the hands of your customer in good condition. Besides that, another reason why people choose to start an online business is due to the lower cost. With an online business, you do not need to pay for rental, utilities or insurance; also you do not have to worry about robberies or thefts. Your online business is run solely by you, thus giving you peace of mind and the ability to control the entire operation.

Some people will choose to work for others by becoming an employee. There are a wide variety of job positions on the Internet like bloggers, writers, engineers, designers and many others. Take some time to search for various online job openings. List down several positions that interest you and make a comparison. Choose one that gives you the best pay and the one that you will enjoy doing. Some freelancers can hold several online jobs at once; this allows them to maximize their earning potential.

If you want to start your own business but do not know what to sell, you should definitely consider becoming an affiliate for an online company. There are many businesses which sells goods and services with the help of partners or agents. By becoming an affiliate with the company, you will be given exclusive rights to market the goods and use the name of a company. If you are selling a good quality and well-known product, you can be sure that you will have the best chance of generating a lot of revenue. Another benefit of becoming an affiliate is that you should receive training and guidance on how to run your business.

With the existence of the Internet, the world is becoming borderless. Start looking for an online job today and in a few years from now you may be earning a lot more income and living a life that you only previously dreamed about!

Quick Internet Tips to Help Find a Job

When a job seeker says “I don’t have Internet access,” or “I’m not Internet savvy,” it cannot be an excuse in this competitive environment the job market has become. Here are some quick thoughts:

– Sorry, but faxing doesn’t cut it anymore.

– Get email account for FREE at Yahoo, Hotmail or Google.

– Go to a friend’s house with Internet or to your local library because THEY HAVE INTERNET!

– Enroll in a free or sometimes VERY cheap, local “Learn How to Use Internet” classes at Library or community colleges, high schools, etc. – sign up for a $25/class to learn basics of internet terms, navigation, etc. Even Microsoft Word to develop your resume and cover letter.

– Post your resume onto general and niche specific job boards as well as company portals. Almost all companies post their job openings on their website…so go to a company website, find the CAREERS section and enter that career section (called a portal)…sometimes you can even setup an account before applying to a job, post your resume onto that company career account and setup keyword alerts….thus, if you’re a mechanical engineer and they post a job a month later for an mechanical engineer, the company will let you know via this alert to your email, which will allow for you to apply as soon as it’s posted…this can allow for you to be on top of the application list too for recruiters, because sometimes recruiters at companies will only look at the top 100 applicants as opposed to all 1000 candidates who applied (and being one of the 1st to apply, can make you higher on that list, thus in the top 100).

– Setup Google news and Yahoo news alerts for the word “‘relocating’ or ‘relocation’ and the job seeker’s city or near-city’s name” to find companies who are relocating to the job seeker’s area; “expansion” and “growth” to identify growth companies and emerging opportunities for you to seek out hiring decision makers and recruiters at those companies.

– Review leading online and published newspapers like Forbes and Wall St. Journal to keep up on those growth industries (as well as your local paper).


– Finally (non-Internet related), try to place yourself into growth industries (biotech, nutrition, energy & renewable energies, photonics, and IT) that you can fit into in respect to your transferable skills as opposed to dying industries (textile, printing, apparel manufacturing & general manufacturing such as steel, and airlines).